Why Use a Tent and Pole Tents vs Frame Tents


Tents create a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere for your event!  Tents can be practical while also being aesthetically beautiful.  Having a tent for your outdoor wedding or event is, first of all, a good idea because of Murphy's Law; When you don't plan for it, that's when it will decide to rain!  Also, rain aside, shade from Utah's harsh sun is always welcome and a tent will help keep you and your guests a lot more comfortable while still being in the beautiful outdoors; One time for a July wedding tent we checked the temperature, and it was 20 degrees cooler under the tent!


As far as design goes, when you use a tent the design possibilities are endless!  Hang chandeliers, paper lanterns, garland or even umbrellas, or decorate around the tent with your rustic or bohemian style decor.  Whatever your style - Tents are super versatile and the perfect canvas for any style of wedding or event!




Pole Tents have interior center poles underneath to support the ceiling of the tent.  They do not have the aluminum framework overhead like you will see in a frame tent.  We recommend pole tents where applicable for this reason and because of the visual “sweeping “ look that the center poles create across the tent peaks.  These tall spires and swoops are aesthetically pleasing to many brides and event planners and are considered more elegant for weddings and formal events.  They also require less time to set up making them more cost efficient to rent.  Pole tents do need to be anchored into the ground with metal stakes. If the situation calls for the tent to be installed on pavement, we can stake any pole tent on pavement and repair the holes upon removal. 

Please see our FAQ section to read how this is done. 

Inside a Frame Tent

10X10 Frame "Open-Air"


Frame tents have an open space with no center poles.  They can be set up on any surface and instead of staking, weighing them down with water barrels is an option.  Frame tents take longer to set up and are more expensive to rent than pole tents.


A new trend is to leave the tops off, a.k.a. "Open-Air" and decorate the bare frame with draping and lighting for a decorative look.  When the top is left off, minimal staking is needed. 

We currently carry frame tents in two sizes: 10X10 and 20X20, both of which are perfect for an Open-Air Tent Design or to go over a small area you may want covered.

You can see a breakdown of the tent sizes we carry,

and our recommendations for finding the rights size for your event here:

You can also explore our lighting and draping options

or find our tent accessories here:


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