Magic All Around

60" Round Tables

Comfortably seat 8 guests with the option to seat up to 10. 

60" Round Tables | $7.00 each

6' and 8' Banquet Tables

Great for Wedding Parties, Banquet or Buffets, and Gifts Tables.

6' Table_edited.png

6' Banquet Tables | $7.00 each

8' Banquet Tables | $9.00 each  

High-Top or Cocktail Tables

Great for Guestbook Tables, Cake Tables or casual mingling such as with hors d'oeuvres



High-Top Tables | $10.00 each

White Resin Padded Folding Chairs

These chairs are a Wedding & Event Classic, durable and comfortable. 

White Padded Folding Chairs | $2.25 each  

Table & Chair Set-Up and/or Take-Down

The listed rental prices for tables and chairs does not include set-up or take-down.  Upon request, we are available to set up and/or take-down your tables and chairs at your event site at the following rates:


Set-Up OR Take-Down:

$0.50 per table

$0.25 per chair

Set-Up AND Take-Down:

$1.00 per table

$.50 per chair


*In order to set up tables and chairs for your event, we will need a detailed site-map provided to us in advance or someone on site to give instruction to our crew for where to set up.


Tablecloths, Table Runners, Napkins, Chair Covers, Chair Sashes

We have partnered with Specialty Linens and Chair Covers to offer you the best in variety, quality and selection Utah has to offer.  From Tablecloths to Table Runners, Napkins, Chair Covers and Chair Sashes - we have it all!

Click the link below to go over to their website to find the perfect linens for your event.  You are also welcome to go into their showroom Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-4: 00 PM.

When you know what you would like or if you would like help selecting your linens, you can call, text or email us anytime.

Phone: 801-318-2510 | Email:


*Note: Pricing is the same as if you were to go through Specialty Linens directly.  Because of our partnership, they are offering you their best prices through us! We simply want to offer this service to you so that you will have one less vendor to contact when you rent your tent, lighting and/or tables & chairs through us.  It's our way of saying thank you!

Why Rent, When Buying Online is an option?





Online you do not know if you are getting a valuable product.  Tablecloths that cost about the same as our Linen Rentals are of MUCH lesser quality fabric.  And when you buy online you will always have obnoxious box wrinkles to deal with which leads to so much ironing!  Then folding.  And then hanging on hangers, (or not, but then you'll have more wrinkles).  And then, after you use your tablecloths, comes the fun part of getting all of the mystery stains out - from BBQ sauce to soda pop to frosting, it can be quite the chore.  Then comes more ironing and folding.  We can't speak for you, but honestly, this is exactly why we are SO excited to be partnering with Specialty Linens and Chair Covers! 


We are Andrew and Shannon Willis, and we are the owners of 360 Canopy Design & Rental!  We know that when you are planning something BIG, (like an event!), that it's super important you know the people you're hiring.  So - we'd love to introduce ourselves!  Also, you can contact us anytime using the button below.

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Phone: 801-318-2510  |  Email:

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